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Miss Fithian's Philosophy on Digital Tools in the Classroom:

"Just over half of U.S. teenagers (51%) report spending at least four hours per day using a variety of social media apps such as YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook and X (formerly Twitter), a Gallup survey of more than 1,500 adolescents finds. This use amounts to 4.8 hours per day for the average U.S. teen across seven social media platforms tested in the survey." - Rothwell


Rothwell Article





Master List: Digital Tools

Regardless of curriculum requirements, many teachers choose to use online learning platforms. Canvas, Google Classroom, and Office 365 are popular among many school districts.

Interactive Learning Platform

  • Learning platforms allow students to access resources, submit assignments, and engage in discussions online.
  • Online platforms allow for work to be done at home and at school (If there is a one-to-one policy).
  • Easier form of organization and grade management.

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Digital resources such as textbooks give students access to their school work wherever they go. Textbooks are also so expensive to make, having them digitally is more efficient.

Digital Academic Resources

  • Provide students with more multimodal opportunities and resources
  • Accessible for all students

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Using digital tools in the classroom allows for collaboration in new ways!


  • Collaborative projects using Google Docs, Microsoft Office, etc.
  • New opportunities to collaborate online and develop new communication skills through a safe, online platform.
  • Easier group work that everyone can work on at the same time.

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One of the most common things centered in a teens life is social media. There are many ways we as educators can encourage for the merge of social media and education.

Social Media can be used in Education

  • You could create a bookstagram or Class Social Media Account
  • Social media is a space where students are comfortable, so hopefully they would do good work and discuss on platforms

Due to digital tools, educators can now safely and comfortably assign tests as well as essays to students digitally.

Online Discussions and Assignments

  • Online platforms monitor cheating.
  • Typing gives advantages to many students
  • Time management
  • Provide immediate feedback
  • Students are allowed to engage in discussion by sharing their thoughts, feelings, and questions.