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ADP: Clocking in & Out

This tutorial covers clocking in and out on the web/computer version. If you've ever been part time at VCPL, you will recognize these steps.



This tutorial will begin on the ADP login screen.Instructions will be on the right side of each page. The instructions will ask you to click on a specific area of the screen to move to the next step. You will move through the steps as if you were actually clocking in for your shift, and then clocking out for a meal.Click Begin.


On ADP, you would sign in as normal.Click Sign In.

Click Clock in to start your shift.


Yes, it is that easy to clock in! You can also navigate to Myself > My Time Entry to see the same Clock In, Clock Out, Meal Out options. Click Next to continue.


To clock out for a meal break, you would sign in as normal.Click Sign In.

Click Meal Out to start your meal break.


To clock out at the end of the day, you would sign in the same way and choose clock out.Reminder: The video for the ADP Kiosk will be available in Niche Academy soon after the kiosks are ready to use.You can now close this window.