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Third section from the summer 2023 Rethinking the Classroom Professional Development


Part 3: Classroom Norms

Extending the Student-Centered Approach to Classroom Management and Lesson Design

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rethinking the classroom

Matt Varvir

Alexander Eden



June 6thJuly 22nd2023

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  • Take care of yourself. If you need to step away, please display the coffee cup icon.
  • Be open-minded and listen to each other.
  • Be respectful of people's ideas and experiences.
  • To introduce different ways to think about classroom management, in order to make your classroom more equitable and inclusive
  • To provide resources to help incorporate these tools and strategies into your lesson design


Workshop Goals and Expectations

Course Design Team

UTeach Austin, University of Texasat Austin

Terrapin Teachers,University of Maryland

FIUteach, Florida International University

Maria Campitelli

Anisha Campbell

Kelli Allen

rethinking your rules

Classroom Norms

How can you build a classroom culture that is inviting and encouraging to your specific students?

Why are they there (did they sign up for your class or is it required)?

Who are the students in your class?

What do you think are their attitudes about math or science?

Think about the students in your classroom

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Don't know?

How often should we revisit the rules?

What are our consequences?

What are our non-negotiables?

What are our classroom rules?

Develop your classroom rules with your students including:

Co-construct your classroom norms

Advice from teachers

If kids don't have buy-in to the rules set in the class they're less likely to follow them. We come up with one for every single class. What are some non-negotiables you think should be in place? What are some consequences that should follow?

One thing I enjoyed the most about my first week of school was setting the classroom procedures and rules. I always let the kids work with me to create those; that way they can take some ownership. Because they've made their own consequences it's easier for classroom management.