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Once you’ve downloaded the 360Learning mobile app, you can connect using the same email and password as the web version.

Connect to the mobile app

Challenge Mode

Encourage healthy competition between learners to complete courses first with the highest score.


Make learning fun and keep your learners motivated with a Leaderboard, and achievements for learners and authors.

Users can set up highly relevant push notifications.

Push Notifications

A modern, Instagram-like experience that keeps learners engaged. Bring Collaborative Learning anywhere with the latest consumer grade mobile standards.

Modern UX/UI

You can play any available training item (course or Path) from the mobile app, just like on the web version. In the My trainings section, you can tap a specific item to open it

You do not need to worry about creating mobile specific learning content. Create courses once and access them immediately on any device.

Cross-Platform Catalog

Play a course or a Path from the mobile app

Relevance Score

Don't guess whether your courses are useful. An "Ask. A 1"-click survey is included at the end of every course.


Mobile learning can feel lonely. Leverage the power of Collaborative Learning on mobile with activity-level forums at the heart of the app to ask questions and get answers in real-time.



Learners can start, stop, and continue learning from mobile to desktop and back again.

iOS & Android availability

Select the link for your device below to download the app


Allow users to upvote comments within the discussion forum on the go.

    • The most upvoted comments stay at the top of the feed, keeping key information front and center.


Learners need a space to connect. Allow learners to share their questions and successes using text, photo, or video.

Even when your are offline, nothing gets lost. All activities are monitored, and stats are synced when learners reconnect.

Stats Sync

You don't need to worry about signal. Learners can download their courses to continue learning, even offline.

Offline Mode

For questions related to the app, as well as many additional resources, visit the link below


Reactions at activity level drive engagement and enable learners to give actionable course feedback wherever they are.