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- iready-Opinion Essay-Check your calendar

-classkick-Road to Freedom

-identify the relationships between two or more events, ideas, or concepts-identify the function of correlative conjunctions

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ELA Class

Welcome, 5th Grade!

Compare Ideas and Accounts


Let's Watch !Harriet Tubman slides - 10 AND 13

In today's lesson, you will learn more about Harriet Tubman and how real life events were presented as historical fiction in The Road to Freedom.

Let's Review!

Before you read, review Chapter 9 and preview what you will read in the Epilogue today. What is an epilogue? Epilogue is a word that comes from Greek and means "conclusion." Writers can add an epilogue when they have important information to tell the reader that might help explain the story.


Read the Epilogue (pages 55 to 56) in The Road to Freedom.

Let's Read!

A Closer Look:

Visit the next slide to check your answer

A Closer Look:


You will now understand how Emma and Mama's journey is based on historical facts about the Underground Railroad. The Road to Freedom helped you to understand how these characters felt as they escaped slavery..

Let's Classkick!

Let's Listen!

In your next activity, choose the perspective of a slave catcher, a slave owner, or an abolitionist. Ask yourself: How does the Fugitive Slave Act impact this person? Put yourself in that person's shoes and try to imagine how they feel.

Your turn!

Vocab!~ Let's visit Edio!

You already know that conjunctions are words that join together other words or groups of words. There are several types of conjunctions. Today, you will learn about correlative conjunctions. They come in pairs. They show the relationship between two ideas or things.

Correlative Conjunctions. Let's Watch!

Correlative Conjunctions. Self Check!

Remember keyboarding without tears!

Great job today! The test is Friday. We will review tomorrow. See you soon.

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