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Add Ukraine and Russia to your World Map on Page 1 of 2.5 MCThen, follow the interactive numbers in order (starting at 1) to complete 2.5.

There are multiple viewpoints to why Russia invaded Ukraine but Vladimir Putin, president of Russia, noted that Russia invaded Ukraine to "protect the people of the Russian-controlled breakaway republics." He is refereing to territories which once belonged to the Soviet Union. These territories include parts of Ukraine today which gained independence from the Soviet Union after it collapsed in 1991. Russia's main objective was to regain control of all the regions of Luhansk and Donetsk where their breakaway territories are located.

  • Add info about Russia to Page 2
  • Draw red arrows to show the movement of Russia into Ukraine on Page 3

Russia's Viewpoint

Ukraine knew a Russian invasion was possible. In 2014, Russia invaded the territory of Crimea in Ukraine and annexed it (took control of it by force). They knew Russia might attempt to do that again in other areas. As news sources reported Russian troops setting up along Ukraine's border, Ukraine hadan idea an attack would soon happen. Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, stated, "If they try to take our country away from us, our freedom, our lives, the lives of our children, we will defend ourselves.” After the invasion of Ukraine they declared war on Russia and assembled their military.

  • Add info about Ukraine to Page 2

Ukraine's Viewpoint

As invasions continue, Ukrainian citizens are fleeing to safety (becoming refugees who were pushed out of their home country). Add movement of refugees to map on Page 3 of 2.5 MC

Ukraine has asked to become a member of NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization - a military alliance group) so friendly nations can support them. Russia is very opposed to NATO's expansion towards their country. This has played a role in Russia's attacks on Ukraine and NATO countries decisions with supporting Ukraine. Nothing to add to 2.5, just read as it is important to the conflict!

Conflict Today

Russia attacked Ukraine on February 24th, 2022. As of today, both sides have been dealt massive losses in life, both of civilizians and military members. The fighting has waged on with territories being gained and lost over and over again. As of recent, there have been some talks of negotiating to end the war but neither side has moved forward on this.Use this resource for a day to day update on the conflict: https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2023/11/23/russia-ukraine-war-list-of-key-events-day-638

Add the following to your map on Page 3 of 2.5 MC

  • Add Kyiv and Odessa
  • Star Kyiv
  • Add the Black Sea
  • Label Crimea
  • Label Russia and Belarus
  • Draw and label the Dnieper River in blue

Political Geography

Answer on 2.5: Why do you think the Dneiper River might play an important role in the conflictof Ukraine?Hint: Think back to what you learned about boundaries this unit to answer this question. DO NOT LOOK UP AN ANSWER, USE YOUR PRIOR KNOWLEDGE AND ASSIGNMENTS!To help you answer this question, look at the map to the right:-Notice where Russian-Occupied Territory stops-Write about how the river could help Ukrainian forces OR-Write about how the river acts as a border or boundary between the two countries/forces