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2. The metal washers lost energy. The __________ gained energy.
the change in water temperature
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1. The data that we collected that is evidence of energy transfer is _______________________
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3. The amount of heat energy lost by the washer is _________ to the energy gained by the water. This makes sense because in a closed system the energy has no where else to go!4. The direction energy flows is from the _______ washers to the ______ water.5. Mass impacts how energy transfers to a substance. The _________ the mass of a substance, the more thermal __________ it can store. Lake Erie would warm up more because it has a lower mass.

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14 degrees
7. When we placed hot washers in the water in our lab, the washer molecules were moving _______. As they collided with the _______ cold molecules of the water, they transferred kinetic energy to the water molecules which then started moving _________. The evidence is that the temperature went up. For example 19*c to 25*c
c. Of the 3 metals __________ has the lowest specific heat. This means it takes less energy to warm up the pan, so it warms up more quickly than other metals.
6. When we looked back at lab table one we noticed a relationship between specific heat and energy transfer.a) The greater the specific heat of the metal, the______________ the energy transfer. b) Aluminum has a specific heat of _______ and it increased the water temperature an average of ____________.