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Lily struggles with her mental health and has a history of self-harm and suicidal thoughts.

In the story, Lily identifies as a transwoman and has transitioned. She suffers from suicidal ideation, self-harm, and difficulties with social acceptance. She decides to remain hidden in her identity when she moves to a new town.

Olivia's husband was abusive toward her in the past; she worries that her son, Asher may have his temper. She worries that his past has affected him more than she realized.

Olivia is a middle-aged woman who has taken over her father's bee farm. She makes honey and sells it for a living. As one of the narrators, she often draws comparisons between society and bee colonies.

The song "Self Love" by Avery Anna, shows how Lily may be feeling. She is kind to others but cannot give herself the same love. Olivia struggles with this as well but has had more years to process what happened to her.

The book centers around a court trial since Lily is dead. The state is accusing Asher of murdering his girlfriend and the reader is along for the journey to find out the truth.

"Mad Honey" is a mystery romance novel with alternating narrators, Olivia McAfee and Lily Campanello, her son, Asher's girlfriend. Both women have dark pasts, experiencing trauma, from other people's actions. When Lily is found dead, Olivia questions if her ex-husband's temper could be a part of her son, Asher, too.