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Section 021: Brandon Cordova, Tiffany Bui, Julianna Martinez, Jessica Pham, Christina Nguyen, Tisha Dinh


Motivate to Elevate//Transformative Change at Biscuit & Co

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*Speaker notes*

  • creating a culture of change -> nvolve resistant staff early in change planning to get buy-in
  • empowering employees -> provide training and coaching to help people adapt to new processes and responsibilities (especially tech stuff for older employees) (younger interns to help and receive mentoring from)

*Speaker notes*

  • Importance of communication -> analyze communication problems (Managing Emotions), using positive language
  • Managing conflict -> aggression & stress
  • building trust -> rapport with Eastern & employees (outside of work activities, events, etc.)

Empowering Employees


Creating a Culture of Change


Building Trust


Managing Conflict


The Importance of Communication


Case Background


Case competition fall 2023 section 021 group 1


Motivate to Elevate: Transformative Change at Biscuit & Co

Peter Smith [Operations]

Richard Murphy [Marketing Director]

Andrew Eastern [Biscuit & Co MD]

Motivate to Elevate: Transformative Change at Biscuit & Co


titles and roles

Relevant characters

  • Departments clashed against each other
    • Team Murphy [Marketing and Sales Department]
    • Team Smith [Finance and Operations Department]
  • Murphy took charge
    • Escalated the conflict
    • Internal Sabotage
  • Murphy's ideas and changes led to the company to success
    • But at what cost?

Motivate to Elevate: Transformative Change at Biscuit & Co

MUrphy faces issues in motivating change


Murphy's proposals got rejected. Tension rose and strained relationships with co-workers, especially Peter Smith and Andrew Eastern.

Motivate to Elevate: Transformative Change at Biscuit & Co


Levels of Communication-Dyadic [inter- and intrapersonal]-Small group -Shared Meaning -Mass Communication

Maintaining trust and transparency

Mitigation//Importance of Communication

Motivate to Elevate: Transformative Change at Biscuit & Co

Represents an organization's identity, missions and values.

Figurative Function

Sense making, providing meaning.

Literal function

Communication is built within an organization to serve as a tool.

Systemic Function

Ensures facts and data support informed actions.

Informative Function


Motivate to Elevate: Transformative Change at Biscuit & Co

-Identifying target audience -Defining Objectives-Design-Communication Channel-Measuring Process

HIGH CHANNEL RICHNESSface-to-face Conversations, Video Conferences, Telephone Conversations,Live speeches-Rapid Feedback, Make it personal


Conflict Resolution

Motivate to Elevate: Transformative Change at Biscuit & Co

Directly addressing concerns Inspiring trust & confidenceShowing empathy & understanding

Unafraid of demonstrating strong leadership skills

Murphy is not a threat, but a friend

Shifting colleagues' perspectives toward a more positive outlook

  1. Adamant views about the company’s current trends and trajectory
  2. Interpersonal dynamics that require solutions
  3. The need for strengthened leadership within the company

Main Conflicts

PROPOSED SOLUTION//Managing Conflict

Recognize what does not work within the companyMarket changesOutside resources

Adapting to change

Motivate to Elevate: Transformative Change at Biscuit & Co



  • Identify and address voiced frustrations
    • Choose issues w/ broad agreement
  • Start w/ small, low-risk changes first to show benefits and build trust in bigger initiatives later
    • Small wins build confidence in Murphy’s methods before big bets
  • Phrase recommendations as asking for advice rather than directing change
    • Use tentative vs definitive language
  • Understand others’ motivations
  • Swallow own pride when necessary
  • Role model desired change
    • Leaders visibly champion the change first to signal priority
  • Involve Eastern early in change planning process and seek his guidance & input
    • Don't present complete ideas

Quick Wins Build Momentum

Affirm Directive Influence

presenting aligned leadership

Repairing Relationships & Gaining Buy-In//Building Trust

Align Don't Override//Creating a culture of change

Motivate to Elevate: Transformative Change at Biscuit & Co

Be a teamplayer, not a fighter

Team-Centric Approach

Understand the current organizational culture to minimize damage to oneself that clash against the “culture” norms

Cultural Alignment

Emphasize how beneficial marketing would be considering new trends

Strategic Mktg Benefits

Motivate to Elevate: Transformative Change at Biscuit & Co

A good strategy for organizational change should involve a comprehensive approach that focuses on empowering employees and addressing the cultural and structural obstacles within Biscuit & Co.

If we implement these strategies, we can create an environment where employees feel empowered, engaged, and motivated to embrace change. This approach would help overcome the resistance and cultural barriers that have been hindering Biscuit & Co's transformation efforts.





Motivate employees through a rewards and recognition system for contributions to change and innovation

Establish clear, measurable goals for change initiatives and track progress for employee motivation and direction

Promote ownership and minimize resistance through employee involvement in decision-making


Rewards and Recognition


Measurable Goals and Metrics


Engagement AND Involvement

Collaborate on leadership development, focusing on change management skills


Leadership Development

Empowering Employees

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  • Focus on the employees as they make up the company
    • Management model → associate positive and influential effects
    • Due to their “strong family values”, this can be taken advantage of by keeping everybody within the changing loop for marketing
  • Implement feedback loops
    • This prevents/decreases the opportunity for sabotage as they may still feel like a team and have the obligation to maintain the core value of being a “family”