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Resources to Support Background Knowledge

  • Annotate your favorites

This or That


check in



Today's LIneup/objectives

Meeting Objectives

  • Build data literacy
  • Investigate background knowledge in the science of reading


  • take an inquiry stance.
  • ground statements in evidence
  • assume positive intentions & take responsibility for impact.
  • Speak your truth & be open to different perspectives
  • stick to protocol & hear all voices
  • start and stop on time
  • be here now

  • Share which passages in ELA/SS would have benefited from background knowledge

Resources for Background Knowledge

  • 15 minutes (cameras can be off)
  • explore the ideas
  • note ideas you like on paper/digital

Brain Trust Tutors: components of reading

Benater Speech: too many stories

We are Teachers: Build background knowledge

10 ways

Reading Rockets

Iris Peabody Module

Appletastic Learning: how to build background knowledge

Reading 101

The Dad Advocate: 21 ways

Primary Gal: background knowledge


  • 15 minutes (solo, pairs, whole group)
  • explore upcoming ELA/SS readings using your lens of background knowledge best practices
    • what will you do?
    • when will you do it?
    • how will you do it?

Next steps

  • incorporate background knowledge as planned

Check out - Pluses-DeltAs

What was helpful about today's meeting?

What could we do to make it more helpful?

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