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Why knowing the importance of history is significant and the difference between Primary and Secondary sources.

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the goals of this lesson!

After this lesson, you will learn...

  • Understanding the importance of History
  • Discribe the difference of Primary and secondary sources

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Before we begin this lesson

  • History has allowed us to understand the past events that have shaped us to where we are now.
  • We learn for past events to help us grow or even learn not to do again.

WHy History is important to us?

Watch this video to learn about the difference of primary and secondary sources

Interactive question

Hint talk to your granparents or parents

You will find a source or an artifact that can be told as a primary or secondary source and then describe the history behind it.

I would like you to put your understanding of history and the new information of primary and secondary sources.

Apply your understanding!

Next I want you to tell us if your artifact or source is secondary or primary.

Next share to the class. Have fun with it and learn the history.

Next I would like you to either bring in the artifact or source. Even taking a picture and showing would work.

Find your artifact or source and tell the history behind it.

Step 2

Step 1

Step 4

What you will be doing.

Step 3

Finish with taking this History assesment!

ANy Questions?