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Boosting Retail Sales for Vivint by leveraging SmarterHome.ai Kiosk Program.

We have immense confidence in our system, and to prove it, we're making a 50/50 investment with you. Together, we're slashing the cost of our top-notch kiosks to an unbeatable $1500 per unit.Why? Because we're not just telling you about the potential—we're showing you how we can supercharge your sales! Join us on this journey to elevate your business and let the results speak for themselves. Let's make every investment count!

Strategically positioning kiosks to showcase Vivint's exceptional offerings.
The kiosk will allow customers to call into our call centers for Vivint products.
We handle marketing, GBP's, delivery, updates and real time management of the units to ensure success.
We are a customer hub for all the top brands in internet, tv, mobile and home security services.

Kiosk Sponsorship

What is Smarterhome.ai?

We strategically position our locations in affluent target zip codes to link customers with the top-rated service provider in their area, backed by our research indicating that Vivint is the best choice in those regions.
Identify the target ZIP codes using Data including but not limited to: Household income, Property value, Google search trends, crime ratesEvaluate and designate stores for kiosk installation.Execute a digital location claim process.Implement strategies to drive sales effectively.
Through the strategic deployment of SmarterHome.ai, we place these kiosks in locations where your services can be optimally delivered, with the goal of increasing sales while upholding our commitment to impartiality.


Strategic Implementation

GBP local SEO optimization entails maintaining precise business details and promoting favorable reviews. This involves regular posting updates, sharing photos, and actively engaging with customer reviews.

Access to Real-Time Analytics to Monitor Interactions Generated by Kiosk Deployments, Google My Business (GBP) listings, and Various Online Platforms.

Engaging more consumers with SmarterHome.ai Kiosk Boosting sales In-Store and Virtually via GBP

WE maintain, update, and advertise! YOU get more visibility, foot traffic, and phone calls! - We've seen results!

We do the heavy lifting

We ask our partners to provide us with current ads and promotions to push on the kiosk
Support: our team is avaible to offer support and keep the content up to date with the latest offerings.

Optimize GBP listings for local SEO with keywords that are relevant to multicultural audiences.

We push targeted ads and content in multiple languages reaching various cultural and linguistic communities within their service area.

Kiosk Features

Payment in full for deployment
Receive Deposit
Locate the locations for the Kiosks
Sign the agreement
Our objective is to empower customers to effortlessly engage with Vivint services and perceive your organization as the top choice.

Next Steps...

Drawing in a new customer base actively searching for SmarterHome.ai to fulfill their internet, mobile, and TV product requirements.Establishing a seamless connection between our digital presence and physical locations, resulting in mutual benefits for Frontier, the retail owner, and the customer.

Kiosk Placement

Connecting the digital with the physical
*Drop in numbers seen because December data has not been added yet.
November 2023 Google Data from active retailers enrolled in the program
We've observed an increase in website interactions, phone calls, and requests for directions to our retail locations. Here is a singular illustration of a retail location participating in the program, equipped with a kiosk.