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Week 8

Main Task

Imagine that a co- worker asks you about the short talk you had with your boss and colleagues. Create a recording reporting what the boss said.Take into account the following aspects:1- Use the grammar from this week.2- The recording has to include the main points from the short talk.3- Once you are ready, please upload the recording or link to this platform.


Hello, water resource team! Exciting times ahead as we talk about important things just for our water resource engineers. Let's keep it simple and easy to understand. First, our projects. Let's make sure our water resource solutions are like a well-organized toolbox – clear, efficient, and ready for action. Just like we follow industry standards, let's make sure our solutions speak a language that's clear to everyone. Next, teamwork. Working together is like creating a powerful water resource masterpiece. Each of you is an important part, and when we collaborate, our projects become strong and dynamic. It's all about helping each other, just like water resource elements working well together. Now, let's talk about projects with clients. Treating our clients like team members is important. Think of them as partners in our water resource journey. Understanding what they need and any concerns they have is like refining a solution – it helps make things go smoothly. Communication is important, just like giving clear instructions in our water resource projects. Lastly, updates. Stay tuned for the latest in water resource trends and company news. It's like keeping your knowledge up-to-date – we want our minds filled with the newest and best ideas in the water resource world. That's all for now. If you have questions or need help, remember, we're a team, and we're here to help each other create great water resource solutions. Thanks for listening, and let's make our water resource journey together really awesome!

The short talk


Example: The boss mentioned that exciting times were ahead for our team of water resource engineers. He stressed the importance of keeping our water resource solutions clear and efficient, like a well-organized toolbox. Additionally, he highlighted the significance of teamwork in crafting robust water resource solutions. Treating clients as partners in our water journey and staying updated with the latest advancements in water trends were also key points he emphasized. That was the summary of our meeting..