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Instructions: Look at the 10 different ideas Mr. Rodríguez says at a meeting. Create 3 different questions about 3 different ideas. For example. What did he say about the progess on the current project? Finally, choose a classmate and answer his/her 3 questions.Mr. Rodríguez inquires, "How are we progressing with the current water resource management task? Let's hear from each team member." Mr. Rodríguez asks, "Who can provide me with an update on the performance metrics of our latest water project?" Mr. Rodríguez notes, "I identified some operational issues in our latest project. Can someone explain the challenges we're facing?" Mr. Rodríguez suggests, "Let's discuss potential enhancements to our water management process to ensure smoother project deliveries." Mr. Rodríguez states, "I believe we should enhance collaboration among team members. How about incorporating a meeting every two weeks to discuss our water projects?" Mr. Rodríguez announces, "We've welcomed a new member to our water resource management team. Any ideas on how to help them fit in with the team?" Mr. Rodríguez observes, "I noticed delays in our project approval process. Can we brainstorm solutions to improve efficiency?" Mr. Rodríguez comments, "We need to update our training programs for water resource management. Who can take the lead on this initiative?" Mr. Rodríguez reminds, "Don't forget to submit your project updates by Friday." Mr. Rodríguez expresses, "I appreciate your dedication to maintaining water management standards. Keep up the good work!"