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The Origin and Spread of Islam


Muhammad was born in 570 CE in Mecca. His dad died before he was born. In 575 his mother took him back but then died. He went to live with his Grandfather, but he then died in 578 CE. Now his uncle takes care of him, and he later on got married to a merchant girl and had 6 kids but only 4 dauter suvived.


Angel Gabriel visited Mahammad when he was on retreat in a cave. He got messages from Angel for 23 years. These revelations become Quan. Mahammad left Mecca in 622 to escape persecution. Mahammad ended up dying in 632.


ABU BAKR: The first Caliph. He Unified Arabia UMAR: He added Iraq, Persia, and North Africa to the Muslim Empire UTHMAN: citizens felt he ruled unfairly so they killed him ALI: His Appointment led to Civil War and the formation of Sunni and Shi'Ahs

The Umayyad Dynasty

Ma'nawiyah (Umayyad) caused splitting of sunni/shi’ite. Umayyads spread Arab Culture. They expanded empire to India and Spain. Islam lasted 800 years in Spain.

My Arabic Name

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