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ELA 12:30 PM 11/21/2023

The Moon Seems to Change




What are we doing today?

As you read The Moon Seems to Change, you came across the word phases. What does that word mean?You can use context clues from the text to help!


Volume 1 Text Collection: The Moon Seems to Change, page 55
a particular appearance or state in a repeating series of changes; the moon goes through different phases and might look different each night.


Vocabulary Practice

Get Ready to Read!

What are Text Features? Text features are used to give extra information about a topic.Some examples of text features include:

  • title page
  • captions
  • illustrations
  • real-life pictures
  • headings
  • charts

Authors use different parts of a text to give more information about a topic. These are called text features.

The title pages gives the readers information about the text, who wrote the text, and who drew the illustrations.

Captions tell information about a picture.

Illustrations are drawings that give the reader more information about the text.This picture timeline gives the reader information about how long a day on Earth is.

Click here to access the digital text.

Read the Text

You are now ready to read the next section from The Moon Seems to Change. Read or listen and read along with pages 48 to 55. You may use your Volume 1 Text Collection book, or press on the digital text below to read.

The author of The Moon Seems to Change uses text features to help readers understand the main idea and key details.

Are there times that you cannot see the moon at night? Look at the illustrations from page 48. The captions at the bottom of the page help explain when the dark half of the moon faces Earth, we cannot see it. The author could have written this in the text, but the illustration gives the reader a better visual of what we might see or not see on different nights.

Illustrations in a Text

Click here to watch the video explaining Text Features.

Text features give more facts and details that support the main idea.Text features in The Moon Seems to Change help better explain the phases on the moon.

A full moon can be seen at night, but not during the daytime.
You looked closely at the text features to learn more information about the moon.

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