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2021 Educause Horizon Report

ED 780: April Schulz



The 2021 Educause Horizon Report outlined several different trends such as social, technological, and economic that would effect education after after Covid-19. Two of those trends were widening the digital divide and increased use of technology.

The Digital Divide Explained

According to the Educause Horizon Report, the Covid-19 pandemic only made the digital divide more apparent. The gap between those who have access to technologies will only widen as students progress through their education.

Increased Use of Technology

  • The adoption of blended and hybrid learning models, increased the need for new learning technologies to help better support students.
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Emerging Technologies


The 2021 Educause Horizon Report also provided information on emerging technologies. Two of those technologies were AI and blended and hybrid course models.

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Blended and Hybrid Course Models

AI has become a part of teaching and learning with higher education. It has been used in certain areas such as grading/assessment, student information, proctoring, admissions, and even disability services. As innovative as AI can be, there are still many concerns about using it within the educational world causing it to be very controverisal. Student privacy and academic intergrity are two of the main concerns that both present ethical issues allowing the use of AI.


Blended and Hybrid Course Models

The Covid-19 pandemic created a need for students to learn remotely, which accelerated blended and hybrid learning models. Teachers were able to teach primarily digitally utilizing different learning platforms and resources. While some were teaching primarily online, others were teaching using a blended model where they were face-to-face with some students and online with others. Both learning models provided an opportunity for teachers and students to connect through a difficult time. One of the biggest issues was teachers knowledge and understanding of the new technologies and tools they were expected to utilize and whether they were being trained properly on how to use those tools.

Implications for educational technology & education

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