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Supporting Quality Education for all

Emma PedenWestern Kentucky University

Targets for the Goal: Quality Education

Target 3

Target 2

Target 1

Education for sustainable development and global citizenship

Build and upgrade safe and inclusive schools

Increase the supply of qualified teachers in underdeveloped countries.


Section 1

Explore the Goal: Quality Education

What is a quality education and why is it important?

  • Decreases the poverty gap
  • Reduces inequalities
  • Builds stronger economy
  • Other global issues will be easier to solve if education is successfully tackled at a global scale
  • Improves health and overall well-being of communties

Inequality in all aspects of lives in underdeveloped countries.

Low-income students have a harder time receiving a quality education.



Problems: locally, Nationally, globally


Teacher shortage and lack of qualified people to teach.

Section 2

Understand and Interpret the Goal: Quality Education

A survey was given to 28 participants


46.4% feel that developed countries should assist underdeveloped countries improve their education.

75% believe that global disparities in education contribute to social and economic inequalities.

78.6% of survey participants think that global spending on educational programs should be increased.


How can we use this information to help improve education?

Section 3

Brainstorm Advocacy Strategies for the Goal: Quality Education

How You can Help

Section 4

Develop the Advocacy Strategy for the Goal: Quality Education

Spread the PSA via social media to ensure that a large number of people hear the message.

Create a PSA to share with the community regarding the importance of education.

Help others understand why education is a crucial aspect of life.




My advocacy Strategy

Section 5

Test Advocacy Strategy for the Goal: Quality Education

  • "I enjoyed the examples of how an education can impact your future." -Anonymous Viewer
  • "You had great visuals that appeared as you discussed certain topics." -Anonymous Viewer
  • "There were some formatting issues that could be fixed, but they were not distracting from your message." -Anonymous Viewer
  • "I enjoyed your statement at the end. I feel encouraged to help change education." -Anonymous Viewer

Results from the psa

What are some things you learned about this global goal (or problem) that you did not know before this class?

Reflection Questions

How successful was the implementation of your advocacy solution?

Any questions?


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