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Chapter Six

From Chicano to Hispanic:The politics of a new generation


The campaigns, especially that of 1988, differed significantly in ideological terms from the 1960s movement.

The rhetoric of Jackson's rainbow Coalition reflects ideas rooted in the black and chicanos of the 1960s.

Those campaigns were to some extent an extension of the civil rights movement.

By 1980s Mexican American students at both the high school and college levels were generally unaware of the chicano movement or the history of the 60s , except for a few who took courses in chicano studies.

Political surveilence, infiltration of movement organizations, conspiracy, indeological repression that played a major role in the decline of the chicano movement.f


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Summary of history

Mexican American youth militancy and protest actually created more oppotunities for middle-class elites to participate in the higher circles of the Democrat party.

The political tradition of the Mexican-American Generation was never completely disrupted by the Chicano movement or the politics of the 1960s.

In the 1980s Mexican American students, like other youth in the United States, were exposed to the political ideas that for the most part were not conducive to their radicalization.

Chapter 6 Chicano education

" Mecha is not today the organization it was in the 60s or 70s, it symbolizes the fact that the quest for identity and power is part of a historical process of political struggle"

  • Leaders in the movement made a change in numerous parts of American Society
  • The younger generations are more accepting of the ways that American society is changing in todays world
  • Chicanos and Mexicano workers face serious working conditions with a few benefits.
  • The racist imigration policy still keeps male and female mexicans locked at the border.
  • The struggle for educational rights is apart of struggle as a people for justice,equality, and self determination.
  • Anti communism wont scare us away from standing up for what we believe in.

Connection to todays world

Chapter Six page 219 states how chicanos are not much better off than they were 30 years ago.

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