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AI chatbot

• TfL Engineering University, a central and dynamic physical campus in London integrated with a global digital campus, offering apprenticeship opportunities and purpose-built training programmes for transport engineering and management at TfL

• Network of express bus routes, circling the entire capital.• Improving Bus routes: “More convenient routes to key amenities such as shopping centres and hospitals”

(TfL, Superloop n.d.)

TfL Freightlab• An innovation project that's aim is to reduce the adverse impact of freight vehicles in London.

(TfL, Freight Innovation, 2020)

TfL Branded merchandise:• (e.g., jumpers, furniture, bags, models, gifts etc)

(TfL, Brand Licencing, 2023)

Property Development: • “Last year we set up our commercial property company, TTL Properties Limited, to achieve the commitment in the Mayor’s Transport Strategy to deliver 20,000 new homes, of which 50 per cent will be affordable, over the next 10 years, and generate a dividend that can be invested back into the transport network” - Rachel McLean (Chief Finance Officer) (TfL, Business Plan, 2023)• “We are now on site building thousands of high quality, sustainable homes across London, alongside improvements and new jobs for local communities in the areas where we build” - Graeme Craig (Director and Chief Executive, Places for London Limited(TfL, Annual Report, 2023)

• 4G and 5G mobile coverage will be rolled out to all underground station ticket halls, platforms and tunnels by 2024

(TfL, Mobile Phones n.d.)

Delivery:• Starting a parcel delivery service, as TfL controls and manages roads so can have an advantage

cycleway infrastructure development- 10 new low-traffic cycleways in London opened in summer of 2023.- Goals are to improve cycling safety and convenience to build a greener London

(Intelligent Transport, 2023)

• Custom artificial intelligence chatbot to offer instant customer service

• Capacity increase and journey time slashing- Aims to provide a 10 percent increase in central London’s rail capacity, relieving congestion on many existing rail and Tube lines- Boosts capacity and improves connections to cut journey times

(London Gov, Crossrail, n.d.)

Wildflower verge infrastructure• A wildflower expansion project to Increase biodiversity and support wildlife

(TfL, Wildlife, n.d.)

• TfL Go feature update to app;• Now provides real-time live information on how busy London Underground stations are throughout the day.

(TfL, TfL Go, 2021)

• “TfL buses now meet ULEZ (ultra low emission zone) emissions standards across the entire city”• Includes:o Zero-emission buseso Hydrogen buses

(TfL, Improving Buses n.d.)

Contactless and mobile pay as you go- You can make mobile payments with devices such as phones, watches, key fobs, stickers or wristbands.ability to use different mobile payments to travel on the services including Apple Pay.

(TfL, Contactless n.d.)

New trains, better track infrastructure and filtration to reduce Tube dust pollution:• “the modern braking systems on new Piccadilly line trains being introduced from 2025 will create less dust.”• “exploring potential new innovations to reduce dust levels, including new air filtration systems aimed at capturing airborne dust.”

(TfL, Air Quality n.d.)

• Super app thatintegrates all TfL services in one centralised location

EV points:• Electric Vehicle charging bay infrastructure development plan to meet net zero targets

(TfL, Electric Charging, 2023)