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ORGANIZATIONAL DEVELOPMENTbyTrinh NguyenHCA 312 ​California State University Long Beach​Fall 2023​

You will know about the difficulties of the human resources department when developing the organization and training to retain nurses at the hospital.

In my presentation, I want to address the issue of nurse retention at Brookdale Hospital by the human resources department.

To Audiences

My Goal

- After a survey of 114 nurses at Brookdale Hospital, but the results were not positive.- HR's goal is to have a plan to retain nurses who do not intend to retire and urgently recruit new nurses.


-lack of nurses in the next one to three years- lack of nurses with many years of experience
RESULT- average RN turnover over the past three years has been below average 9% per year- 10% are planning to retire next year- 28% plan to retire within three years
The survey included a total of 114 registered nurses with an average age of 56 years and an average length of stay of 19 years:

Need to survey employee opinions regularly

Increase salaries for employees within six months or a year

Urgently recruiting new nurses within the next three months


Persuade to retain current nurses

- The reason I chose this case study as the main topic for the presentation is because I saw the difficulties of nurses and HR in the hospital. - Being able to manage all the staff in the hospital is not easy. Human resources departments need to listen more to employees' thoughts to have a growing organization.- The HR department needs organization and training to better understand its employees.