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Middle Childhood 6-8 years old

6 to 8 years old


  • Injuries are the biggest threat to your child’s safety in the early school years.
  • By age 8, kids have become more independent and maybe disobedient, trying new things. Remember to keep them safe in cars and around water, even if they know how to swim.

6 to 8 years old

Thinking and Learning

Children should be able to:

  • Show rapid development of mental skills.
  • Learn better ways to describe experiences and talk about thoughts and feelings.
  • Have less focus on one’s self and more concern for others.

Social and Emotional

  • Peer acceptance becomes more important to your child than in the early school years.
  • They are learning to cooperate and share.
  • You might notice that your child is more aware of disaster news and distressing news stories. This growing awareness can cause some anxiety and fear, so talking about tough topics can help your child make sense of things.

As adults we help with development and here are some ways

How can you help?

  • Keep reading to your 8-year-old, and encourage them to read to you.
  • Support your child’s self-esteem, and encourage them to have fun and express themselves.
  • Give your child opportunities to explore and learn, inside and outside. Inside they can experiment with things like cups, thermometers, magnifying glasses and jars for storing things. Outside you could explore your local park or nature reserve together.