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What is AI?

How is Ai Being used in Education?

What Impact is AI Having onStudents?

demonst ration:Creating a Video using AI and Magic Media

demonstration:Creating an Image using AI and Magic Media

demonstration:Creating a Story using AI and Google Docs

What concerns does the Useof AI create?

Want to see AI in action? Watch the video above to see a short demonstration of the magic of AI. For this example, the Magic Media App, which can be found in Canva was used to generate a short video from a simple text description. This could be used to generate resources to use in content and curriculm design to create unique and relevant materials to enhance learning experiences for students.

Have you ever been working on a project and had an image in your mind that you wanted to use, but couldn't find anything even close to what you imagined? Withthe Magic Media App in Canva, you can use AI to generate an image by simply typing in a brief description of what you want. Within seconds, your vision can become a reality. Watch the video above to see the Magic Media App in action!

There is nothing more frustrating than writer's block. With Google Doc's, "Help Me Write" feature, you can have AI help you get writing again with just a couple clicks and a short description. Watch the video above and you will see how easy and quickly AI can generate a short story from just a simple text description in Google Docs.

What is Artificial Intelligence(AI)?

Artifical Intelligence, also known as AI, is a simulation of human processes by a machine. AI makes it possible for computers, machines, or robots to execute and complete tasks that usually require human cognitive processes and decision making to perform.

  • Learning Managment Systems
  • Proctoring
  • Grading and Assesment
  • Student Information Systems
  • Office Productivity
  • Library Services
  • Admissions
  • Disability Support
  • Mobile Apps

How is AI being used in Education?

In the 2021 Educause Horizon Report, panelists identifed two key points concerning the use of AI in education.

  1. AI can be used to address standing or current challenges in teaching, learning, and learner resources.
  2. AI provides an oppertunity to thorougly rethink the curriculum and associated academic programs in a way that will better serve "Generation AI."

As technology continues to progress and become increasingly dominant in the world of education, more institutions and educators are implementing the use of AI into their everyday practices. Some of the domains that AI is being use in are:

AI Concerns?

Although AI is a remarkable tool and can be incredibly useful for many things, it is still fairly controversial due to some very real and relevant problems that using it could possible create.

  1. The compromise of student/indvidual privacy.
  2. Ethical issues and academic integrity.
  3. An impact on job security.

AI has tremendous potential for being a powerful tool in the hands of educators and students, however, just like with any other technological tool, it should be used wisely and with integrity.

The Impact of AI on Students

AI is already impacting students and mostly like will continue to have an even more profound impact as AI becomes more of a technological staple in education. AI provides students with powerful tools, that if used with integrity, can open doors to unleashing creativity and imagination. It also provides tools for educators to utilize to create and customize unique learning experiences to suit the indvidual needs of their students. The benefits that the use of AI offers for students is signifcant but the problems that it presents, especially within the domain of academic integrity, are also very real and should be carefully monitored and regulated.