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Snakes and Ladders

  1. D = Dhruv
  2. K = Khush
  3. R = Rukshmani & Kush
  4. P = Paavan
  5. S = Darsh
  6. H = Hridaya & Vanshika

How many chapters are there in the Bhagavad Gita? a) 7 b) 18 c) 12 d) 700

What does Mahisha mean in the name Mahishasura? a) Bull b) Buffalo c) Lion d) Demon

Where did Maa Sita stay in Lanka? a) In Ravan's palace b) In Ashoka vatika c) In Vibhishana's house d) In Pushpak vimana

From the options below, who is an example of greed? a) Gopis b) Sudama d) Ravana e) Kevat

Whose ego did Lord Krishna destroy by lifting the mountain Govardhan? a) Indra b) Indrajit c) Nanda baba d) Lord Brahma

Who was Mahabharat written by? a) Tulsidasji b) Rishi Valmiki c) Ved Vyas ji d) Rishi Vishwamitra

What is the name of Radhaji's father? a) Vasudeva b) Nanda c) Vrishbhanu d) Barsana

Who gave up his life to protect Maa Sita from Ravana in Panchavati? a) Sampati b) Jatayu c) Sugriva d) Bharat

In Chitrakuta, who pecked Maa Sita on the foot and was punished by Lord Rama with his one eye removed? a) Indra b) Jatayu c) Maricha d) Jayant

Who did Shurpankha go to first when her ears and nose were cut by Lakshmanji? a) Ravana b) Khar and Ravana c) Khar and Dushana d) Maricha and Dushana

What was the name of the demon who became a golden deer to help Ravan kidnap Maa Sita? a) Khar b) Dushan c) Maricha d) Subahu

Why did Lord Shiva cut off Vinayaka's head? a) Vinayaka would not let him in due to Maa Parvati's orders b) Vinayaka wanted to fight with Lord Shiva to show his powers c) Vinayaka wanted to be worshipped first

Which of these is the correct line for Rudrashtakam? a) Vibhum vyapakam nirakaar monkaar b) Vibhum vyapakam namami shamishaan c) Vibhum vyapakam nirvana rupam d) Vibhum vyapakam brahma veda swarupam

In which city was Gandhi Bapu born? a) Durban, South Africa b) Delhi, India c) London d) Porbandar, India

In Mahabharat, Guru Dronacharya was my childhood friend. When I became the king of Panchal, I refused to recognise and help him. Guru Drona sent the Pandavas to make me captive as revenge. Who am I? a) King Drupad b) King Dhitrashtra c) Karna d) Shakuni

In which mountain did Sugriva live with other monkeys, including Hanumanji? a) Pampa b) Chitrakut c) Rishyamukha d) Kailash

The demon Mahishasura was killed by who? a) Lord Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh b) Lord Vishnu c) Indra d) Maa Durga

What was the name of Shabri's Guru who told her that Lord Rama will come to her and gave her Rama nama mantra. a) Matang Rishi b) Agatsya Rishi c) Bharadwaj Rishi d) Vishvamitra Rishi

Which of the below is true about Lord Krishna lifting mount Govardhan: a) He lifted it on his right hand b) He lifted it on the little finger of his right hand c) He lifted it on the little finger of his left hand d) He lifted it with both hands

What did Shabri offer to Lord Rama? a) Beautiful clothes b) Berries tasted by her c) Berries, bananas and rotla d) Spinach and chapati

Lord Rama performs Shabri's stuti by saying which one of the following? a) Seven types of bhakti (devotion) b) Rudrashtakam c) Hanuman Chalisa d) Nine types of bhakti (devotion)

Which of the following did Gandhi bapu believe in which meant non-violence? a) Satyagraha b) Swaraj c) Chakra d) Vrata

I was a terrible robber and killed people. Naradji asked me to chant Rama and I said 'Mara'. An anthill formed around me while I chanted Lord Rama's name. Who am I? a) Dhruva b) Valmiki c) Ved Vyas d) Prahlad

Which of the below does not help reduce carbon footprint? a) Wasting water at home b) Switching off the tv when you are not watching it c) Recycling d) Eating fruits and vegetables

What was the name of the vehicle in which Ravan kidnapped Maa Sita and took her to Lanka? a) Ashoka vimaana b) Pampa Vimaan c) Pushpak vimaana d) Ravan vimaana

Which shloka ends with: paadas parsham kshama svame a) Karagre vasate lakshmi b) Samudre vasane devi c) Gange cha yamune chaiva d) Aditya namastubhyam

Adi Shankaracharya was the incarnation of which God? a) Lord Shiva b) Lord Vishnu c) Lord Brahma d) Lord Rama

What does Lord Rama give to Bharatji in chitrakuta? a) Clothes b) A ring c) Nothing d) Paduka

When Hanumanji was flying over the ocean to look for Maa Sita, what was the name of the mountain that stopped Him to rest? a) Kailash b) Mainak c) Chitrakut d) Rishyamukha

Which shloka from below is a prayer to Maa Saraswati? a) Tvameva mata cha pita b) Ya kundendu tushaar c) Mrutyunjaya Mahadeva d) Asato maa sad gamaya

What four things fell from Lord Rama when he went to meet Bharatji who had arrived in Chitrakuta? a) Top garment, quiver, bow and arrow b) Quiver, bow, arrow and crown c) Top garment, necklace, bow and arrow d) Top garment, quiver, crown and arrow

What was the name of King Shantanu's son who took an oath to never get married and protect the kingdom of Hastinapura? a) Pandu b) Dhitrashtra c) Vidura d) Devavrata

What was the name of Hiranyakashipu's sister who sat on fire with Prahlad? a) Shurpankha b) Holika c) Gandhari d) Kunti

True or false: Lord Shiva is offered the Tulsi leaf while Lord Krishna is offered the bilva leaf

Which of these is not a holy river? a) Ayodhya b) Kaveri c) Godavari d) Yamuna

What was the name of the Rishi who upset God because this Rishi tried to cause harm to King Ambrish? a) Bhrigu Rishi b) Parshuram c) Vishwamitra d) Durvasa

Who is the role model for youth from Calcutta and disciple of Swami Ramkrishna Paramhansa? a) Adi Shankaracharya b) Sudama c) Swami Vivekananda d) Mahatma Gandhi

INSTRUCTIONSEach player starts with a token on the starting square (usually the "1" grid square in the bottom left corner, or simply, off the board next to the "1" grid square). Players take turns rolling a single die to move their token by the number of squares indicated by the die roll.Tokens follow a fixed route marked on the gameboard which usually follows a boustrophedon (ox-plow) track from the bottom to the top of the playing area, passing once through every square. If, on completion of a move, a player's token lands on the lower-numbered end of a "ladder", the player moves the token up to the ladder's higher-numbered square.If the player lands on the higher-numbered square of a "snake" (or chute), the token must be moved down to the snake's lower-numbered square. If a 6 is rolled the player, after moving, immediately rolls again for another turn; otherwise play passes to the next player in turn. The player who is first to bring their token to the last square of the track is the winner.

If the player's token lands on the lower-numbered end of a "ladder", the player moves the token up to the ladder's higher-numbered square


If the player lands on the higher-numbered square of a "snake", the token must be moved down to the snake's lower-numbered square



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