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The interaction of Dr. Lori Alvord with Navajo medicine men and women is a significant subject in "The Scalpel and the Silver Bear." Her ethnic history, personal experiences, and a desire for holistic care inspired her journey toward adopting traditional healing approaches alongside Western medicine. Here's a summary of her interactions with medicine men and women, as well as what brought her to Thomas Hataathlii:

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Cultural Patrimony: Dr. Alvord is of Navajo origin, and her cultural background has influenced her viewpoint. She was exposed to the interdependence of physical, mental, and spiritual well-being growing up with Navajo customs.

Traditions Integration: Alvord went on to become the first Navajo woman surgeon after studying Western medicine. However, she became increasingly aware of the need to incorporate the holistic concepts of Navajo healing into her medical practice.

Influence of Thomas Hataathlii: A Navajo medicine man named Thomas Hataathlii played an important part in Dr. Alvord's expedition. She sought his counsel in order to comprehend and incorporate spiritual and cultural aspects of healing into her medical practice.

Spiritual Relationship: Dr. Alvord's experiences with medicine men and women helped her comprehend the spiritual components of healing better. These encounters broadened her viewpoint, helping her to understand patients as persons with extensive links to their cultural and spiritual identities rather than simply physical beings.