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Behavioral Theory which is sometimes called the lmitation theory-BF Skinner states that behaviorism proposes that we are a product of our environment. That children do not have the ability to develop language on their own, they must mimick their caregivers and modify thier use of language due to operant conditioning (focuses on a reward or avoiding a punishment) Skinner believes that like other behaviorsl, language acquisition. can be observed rather than trying to explain the mental systems underlying these types of behaviors. According to skinner children learn language by repeating everything that is said around them everyday. Educators can support this theory by praising their students for corrrectly completing their work, for instance giving them a sticker for using complete sentences or by correcting them for using the wrong or incorrect language.


Nativist Theory is one of the most well-knowntheory about language acquisition. This theory was put together by Noam Chomsky, he believes that in our brains we have a "Language acqusition device," (LAD) it holds the grammatical universals and allows us to learn language. This theory is from the observation that children mimick and learn language without being formally taught. Chomsky's theory agrues that human brain structure naturally allow for the capacity to learn and use languages. It is believed that rules that language acquisition are innate and strengthn naturally as humans grow. Accorring to Chomsky to teach we must maintain our students interest in learning or even aroused their interest. Students come to school with the interest to learn, so it is important t o keep them engaged, by applying a method of teaching that will develop curiosity and the wanting to learn more.

Interactionist Theory- because George Herbert Mead never published his working theory, his students compiied his teaching into four volumes that laid the foundation for the interactionist theory. This theory explains that lamguage exists for the purpose of communicating with each other and can only be learned by social interaction. It states the importance of the environment and culture in which the language is being learned. Mead believes that language has a role in forming the self and the formation of self requires the existence of other selves.


Humans use language as their primary method of communication, and start to learn language from birth. When tryig to explain to someone what language is, you might say, it is sounds and symbols that are put together to form words and that it can be virbally and written. There are four theories that sugggest ways that humans learn language. Below i will list three of these theories and explain what each theory says on , how humans learn or pick up language and how to support each theory in the class room.

Language Acquisition Theory