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Florence crittenton ripple effect

Layer 6: Greater community

Layer 5: Faith communities, legislature, other health and safety organizations

Layer 4: Larger healthcare system, corrections, DPHHS

Layer 3: Schools, crisis healthcare, law enforcement

Layer 2: Staff, donors, space/neighborhood, Board, extended family, generational family, family of staff

Layer 1: Clients, immediate family, identified family

  • Clients often have connections to the corrections system, from prior interactions with law enforcement, family members in jail/prison.
  • By intervenening, FCFS has the ability to limit the number of women in corrections, children in protective services, and families separated.
  • FCFS also is able to impact the larger health care system by preventing emergent health care needs.

Larger healthcare system, corrections, and DPHHS

Layer 4

Beyond our clients and their families (immediate or identified), FCFS's reach next extends to:

Layer Two:

  • Staff - direct contact with clients
  • Donors - direct contact with staff
  • Our building(s) - our property and reputation
  • Our neighborhood - sees us daily
  • Board of Directors - works with staff
  • Clients' extended family - visits
  • Families of staff - taking work home

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The first people affected by Florence Crittenton are the clients, their immediate family, and their identified family. Each client comes with their own core group of people who support them, as well as their blood-related family who may or may not be involved in the recovery process.

Layer One:

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As the ripple of the Florence effect expands, we begin to see the impact of our services on the following areas:

Layer Three

  • Schools - children have access to our outpatient therapy and can even include us in a plan for helping children succeed.
  • Crisis healthcare system - the burden on crisis healthcare is lessened because our clients and their children have access to preventative care while they are in recovery from substance use.
  • Law enforcement - Fewer calls are made to police for drug-related crimes and child neglect and endangerment.

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The greater community

Layer 6

The community and FCFS are symbiotic and inextricably linked! Whether the community has a positive or negative view of our organization, it's vital that we work together to eliminate the stigma our clients face. From "unwed mothers" to "families in recovery," we have the power to change the way our community views families with unmet needs. When we accept families into our programs, we flip the script from negative to positive and show these families in a new, healing, positive light. And the community shows us their strength by partnering with us, donating to us, and supporting us in a million small ways.

  • From donating physical items, monetary giving, and volunteering, churches and temples across the state offer so much to FCFS. We even have volunteers who facilitate trips to church services and ceremonial practices like smudging so that our clients can invest in their spiritual wellbeing - a vital part of recovery.
  • The legislature and other safety organizations are affected at Layer 5 as well, by the funding we receive and the ways in which we prevent emergent care needs.

Layer 5

Faith communities, legislature, and safety organizations