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Settings How to adjust your settings

This shows you the number of currently active passes, the number of total passes for the day, and the current building-wide limit for passes (set by administration.)

This shows your number of currently active passes and the total number of passes you have approved that day.

This shows the number of your passes that have been flagged as "long running" or were timed out by the system (which happens after a pass is active for 30 minutes.)

This shows the number of locations you have set up for auto passes out of the number of locations administration has enabled. You can click the pencil to edit your auto pass locations and limits. Tutorial

This shows the number of kiosks that you have set up. Kiosks will be used very infrequently and do not apply to most teachers.

If you have assigned a location to yourself in your settings, you can set a limit for the number of passes to that location.

This is where you will see any passes associated with you. By default, you will only see active passes, but you can click "Both" or "Ended" to see passes that have ended only or both active and ended passes.

This is where you will see all building-wide active passes. Tutorial

This is where you will see any appointments that are related to you OR any appointments that have "System" listed in the "From" field.

This is the quick "Create" tool to create passes, appointments, out of office schedules, or kiosks.

These are the accessibility settings to change the look and feel of Pass as needed for individual users.

See your own pass history and filter by student, teacher, or location for any time frame. Tutorial

Create an immediate pass for a student. Tutorial

Schedule a "later" pass for a student. Tutorial

Create a kiosk for your room so students can create and/or end passes on one single device (will not be used by most teachers.)

Add times that students cannot create passes to or from you. This can be used for your lunch or duty time and can be set to repeat. Tutorial

Get information about the latest updates to Pass.

Read or watch training materials created by Securly Pass (many were created by and for e-Hallpass, which was the former name of this program.)