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domineering, manipulative, and loyal. Blair has it all, yet she wants even more. She's an obsessive overachiever with a shaky moral fiber, and she'll go to great lengths to get what she wants. She sees other females as rivals and barely even trusts her best friends.

Nate is a very warm and trusting person. He is kind and caring, especially to his closest friends. He showed his honesty when he saved Dan in Season 2, even though it was best friend Chuck who sabotaged him. He is charming, laid back, funny, and friendly, and it has always been in his nature to look out for people.

selfish, and manipulative. Chuck is seen as the bad boy of the Upper East Side, at times verging on sociopathic. He's loyal to a select few and completely self-centered otherwise. His deep insecurities lead to his extravagance and insistence on luxury.

Cecily von Ziegesar is an American author best known for the young adult Gossip Girl books, which was made into the eponymous popular television series.