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by Paulina Ołdak



Save the

Can you help them escape?

Corn and Cob are real stars among turkeys. All of the other turkeys admire them for their exceptional beauty - they are big, fat and can make the loudest gobble. Unfortunately, yesterday some cruel men captured them while they were on their way to a very important ceremony. What's more, they want to eat Corn and Cob on Thanksgiving!You can't let this happen! It would be a disaster!

The story of Corn and Cob

Yes, I can!

Solve some riddles and get the code

You decide to follow the men who kidnapped Corn and Cob. You can be proud of yourself - you have found the place where they keep them! You come at the door and then... Oh no! you need a code to open it! You can hear Corn and Cob gobbling miserably behind the locked door. How can you guess the code?

Complete the activity and remember the number.

Complete the activity and try to find the password.

What year did the pilgrims arrive in America? Sum up all the digits to get the next number you need.

Listen and complete the text. Some of the letters are in bold type. They will make a number.

cranberry five roasted begin vegetables travelling

The main event of any Thanksgiving is the Thanksgiving dinner. It is traditional to have baked or _______ turkey. This is usually accompanied with mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, fall __________, _________ sauce, and gravy. Pumpkin pie is the most commonly eaten dessert. The Thanksgiving holiday weekend is one of the busiest times of the year for __________. It is a four-day or ____-day weekend vacation for most schools and colleges, and many businesses and government workers get three or four days off. Thanksgiving is also the unofficial signal for Christmas preparations to _____. Once Thanksgiving finishes, stores fill their shelves with Christmas goods. It is also a bad time to be a turkey.

Thanksgiving is a very American holiday. It is also called Thanksgiving Day. It is celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November every year. It used to be a religious holiday to give thanks to God. There are two versions of the origins of this holiday. One is thanks for the early settlers arriving in America safely. On December the 4th, 1619, a group of English pioneers arrived at a place called Berkeley Hundred, in Virginia. The group made a promise that the day of their arrival should be a "day of thanksgiving" to God. The second version is the thanks given to Native Americans for teaching the pilgrims how to catch eels and grow corn in Plymouth, Massachusetts. In 1941, President Roosevelt made Thanksgiving a federal holiday.

You have successfully solved all the riddles. You go back to the door and enter the code. It consists of four digit numbers.

You are so close!

You have successfully solved all the riddles. You go back to the door and enter the code. It consists of four digit numbers.

You are so close!




You've found the code! Now, turn the door knob.


wrong number...Go back and try again...

You've managed to unlock the door. You enter the room, but it's completely dark inside. Luckily, you've got a torch...

Yesss! You've got the key!Use it.


Thank you my friend! What we need now is an official pardon though...

Congratulations! Udało Ci się pomóc uciec indykom!By otrzymać nagrodę, obejrzyj film i prześlij nauczycielowi odpowiedź na pytanie: Who granted Corn a pardon?

Thank you!