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Bacterial Growth Media & Cultures

The Faces Behind Culture Media

Joseph Lister

Robert Koch

Richard Julius Petri

Joseph Schroeter


The 1st liquid media is created


The 1st pure culture of bacteria is taken


The 1st isloated pure culture using a solid media was made


The Petri Dish was created

  • Tryptic Soy Broth
  • Phenol Red Carbohydrate Broth
  • MR-VP Broth
  • Nutrient broth
  • Hugh & Leifson's Oxidation Fermentation
  • Stuart's & Amies Media
  • Mannitol Motility Media
  • Blood Agar
  • Nutrient Agar
  • McKonkey Agar
  • Chocolate Agar


How are medias categorized?



... or by the exact contents of the media

Synthetic Media

Basal Media


Enriched Media

Selective Media

Simple Media


Mannitol Salts Agar

Differential or Indicator Media

Blood Agar

Thiosulfate Citrate Bile SaltsSucrose (TCBS) Agar

Summary of culturing bacteria

-- Founder of Antiseptic Medcine-- The 1st person to obtain a pure culture of a bacterium

Joseph Lister

-- Invented the glass Petri Dish-- Laboratory assistant to Koch

Richard Julius Petri

-- Developed liquid & solid forms of artifical media-- Discovered & described the Tuberculosis bacterium

Robert Koch

-- Discovered that chromogenic bacteria could grow on solid substrates

Joseph Schroeter

A list of common selective media and the bacteria they’re used to culture