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The society in Fahrenheit 451 is full of ignorance and illusions of fulfillment. In Beatty's speech he explains how the public is fed non-important facts to feel as in they are intelligent and explains how people should embrace the entertainment that is given, instead of thinking for yourself. (Bradbury 52-55). Outliers like Clarrise are shunned due to the fact of them questioning what is instilled. The people in the society being prevented to think for themselves creates a shallow environment.

Montag commits many acts of rebellion, such as stealing and reading a book, even hiding it from his captain.(Bradbury 50-55). Montag reads a poem out loud to a group of people and him and Faber have a plan to plant books in the other firemen's homes. Montag, Faber, and Clarisse are shown as being enlightened by rebelling against the norms. This means that Bradbury believes that rebellion is crucial in an unjust society, the effect on the reader being, seeing that the aware people in a society do not just take the structure given to them without their own thoughts.

Montag's rebellion may cause the other people in the society to see the flaws and be able to break away from the illusion of happiness, like he once did. Meaning, more people would step up and go against the norms or question what is instilled. Or, Montag could be silenced or shunned, meaning no progress would be made. He would be viewed as deranged and no changes would be made.

Cesar Chaves was a Mexican-American leader and civil rights activist. He fought for the rights of migrant farm workers to have better pay and working conditions. The time period was around the mid 1900s. This was mostly in southwestern America.

Chaves used non-violent ways for rebellion, such as, long fasts, strikes, and protests.

The acts of rebellion lead to Chaves being able to form a farm workers union, improving the lives of many farm workers and their families. Chaves was able to educate the public and gain notable support in his cause.

The rebellion Montag has been doing has been illegal, Chaves used peaceful and legal methods. I do believe rebellion is important for societal progress, in a peaceful manner, but in some cases rebellion that breaks the written rules may be necessary.