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languagematerials design

By: Luis Jesus Alvarado Caicedo






videos, Games



Interactive material has been designed in which students can find other options for learning a second language such as English. In this material we can find dynamic games, texts, paragraphs, among others, in which English skills can be developed better. way and of course taking advantage of digital platforms which are a great medium for learning and interaction with people

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Reflexion How can technology be used to support materials development? The materials represent a great development in recent years, helping to greatly improve the quality of learning. This means that students have made great advances in the acquisition of new and better knowledge. On the other hand, technology has allowed them to advance by leaps and bounds for those students who in one way or another find it difficult to move to a specific place, managing to obtain knowledge with just one click

What difficulties did you have during the process of designing the interactive online workshops?One of the biggest difficulties in this process is the use of the platforms since I had never used this type of platforms, it was very difficult for me to handle them but on the other hand it is good to know about them because in the future I could use them They are essential tools that allow the work to be much easier in addition to the great variety and use that these two platforms that I have been working on allow, although they are a little difficult because I still don't get to know them very well, I know that they will be useful to me.

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