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Comparatives and superlatives

Comparativos en español (de inferioridad y superioridad)

En español comparamos personas u objetos usando- más que- menos que

But how do they work in English?

Let's watch a video

Comparatives from the video

  • Cristiano is taller than Messi
  • Messi is younger than Cristiano

  • Tennis is more interesting than golf
  • Swimming is less dangerous than boxing

Comparatives in English


Adjetivos de una sílaba

clean → cleaner  cold → colder  small → smaller  young → younger  tall → taller


  • Cristina is younger than Joaquín
  • London is colder than Valencia

Hay que tener en cuenta que:

  • Normalmente cuando la palabra termina en consonante, duplicamos la consonante.
big → bigger hot → hotter thin → thinner
  • Si el adjetivo termina en y la cambiamos a la letra i. dry → drier

Eso no es todo

Hay algunas excepciones

Aunque estos adjetivos son monosílabos, no se añade la terminación -er

  • fun → more/less fun
  • real → more/less real
  • wrong → more/less wrong

Comparatives in English


Adjectives with two syllables

Si los adjetivos tienen dos o más sílabas, normalmente usamos more adjective than less adjective than

Examples:Borja is more bored than Joel.Lucas is less careful than Juan.

Irregular comparative forms

Let's see what you know!

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Comparativos en español (de igualdad)

  • tan _______ como
  • tanto/a/as/os ______como

Comparative of equality

  • as ... as
  • not as ... as

Examples- Juan is as tall as Jaime.- Cristina is as bright as Carmen.- San Francisco is no as noisy as New York. - A car is not as comfortable as a plane.

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Superlativo en español

  • el/la/los/las más ____ de
  • el/la/los/las menos _______ de

  • -ísimo/a
  • -ísimos/as

Superlative in English

Let's continue watching the video

Write down at least one example


Palabras de una sílaba


  • the ____-est

Examples:The Amazon River is the widest river in the world.Alex is the youngest member of his family.


- A las palabras que terminan en consonante se les duplica la consonante.

Example:Are hippos the biggest animals?

  • mad > maddest
  • big > biggest
  • slim > slimmest
  • hip > hippest
  • fat > fattest
  • wet > wettest


Adjetivos de una o dos sílabas que terminan en "y"

  • dry > driest
  • ugly > ugliest
  • easy > easiest
  • happy > happiest
  • lucky > luckiest
  • windy > windiest



Adjetivos de dos o más sílabas


With some 2-syllable adjectives, we can use "-est" OR "most": quiet → the quietest/most quiet clever → the cleverest/most clever narrow → the narrowest/most narrow simple → the simplest/most simple


Usually we use

- the most + adjectiveExample:- The most difficult subject...- Puma trainers are not the most expensive trainers.

Irregular superlative forms

Quiz time!

Write down your answers on a piece of paper

Please do the exercises on your worksheet

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