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How to live in Mars

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Mars is a Inner planet that is the most similar to the earth and in this presentation we are going to teach you how to live in mars

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How to get oxygen in Mars?

An incredible device that extracts the carbon dioxide from the martian atmosphere

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How to make an atmosphere in Mars?

To create an atmosphere in mars is by importing water,obtaing it the ice of asteroids the moons of jupiter and sun

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How is the climate in Mars?

Mars is very cold. The average temperature on Mars is minus 80 degrees Fahrenkeit .

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How is the air in Mars?

The air in Mars is a 50% more radioctive than the earth so we have to do a purificator of air in mars

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How to create an enviorment for animals in Mars?

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We can put plants for the animals that are herbivors and the cows and other can eat and also water

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As settlement expands on Mars and a larger area is avaible more and more animals will go to mars and other planets

How to transport animals to Mars?

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What type of cloth we need to live in Mars?

The U.S.A sapace agency, NASA, presented the clothing it will develop for astronauts who will make the first manned flight to Mars .

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The cloth:

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How to put tanks of oxygen in Mars?

You need to create a machine that contains the oxygen for a long time and a mask to inhale the oxygen so that it does not leave.

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Does Mars have oceans and lakes?

Mars Express mission announced the detection of an underground lake on Mars. Due to the climate of the red planet, it is impossible for there to be liquid water on its surface.

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How to extract the water of the subsoil in Mars?

You should create machines that will extract water from the suboil. The water can be meters or kilometers away above the surface .

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How to create a base to live in Mars?

You would need these materials. Airbrush is a light and resistant can be manufactured with a high air content.

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Part 2

The continents and the goverment

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The continents

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Who is the president of each continent?

Icy Wizy:AngelinaMatan:CamilaSunada:JuliaSirland:BetsyNew magua:MatiasForkey:KholeHoti:MariaTubane:Erika

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Our money is


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Part 3

How to bring the people to Mars?

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The most durable and lightest materials that man has chosen to build spacecraft to date are titanium, aluminum and magnesium alloys.

What materials do you need to build a rocket?

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How many people can fit in a rocket?

The fully reusable Starship system uses on-orbit propellent transfer to enable the transport of up to 100 people.

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How long would it take to get to Mars by rocket?

The trip to Mars will take about seven months and about 300 million miles (480 million kilometers).

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How many rockets should take off to take the entire world's population to Mars?

Approximately 80,450,000 should take off.

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Part 4

start the poblation and have life in mars

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How to create a greenhouse on Mars.

Scientists have thought about attaching nuclear, thermal-rocket engines to ammonia-heavy asteroids and redirecting the asteroids so that they crash into Mars and release the meteor's ammonia and water. The ammonia could raise Mars' greenhouse gas level.

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How to put a house on Mars?

That’s the challenge facing astronauts as they move forward with colonizing Mars. They’ll either need to bring materials with them, which will be wildly expensive and generally unreliable (what if you need a spare part?), or make use of the Red Planet’s rugged, inhospitable terrain. NASA recently rewarded a design for a 3-D-printed ice house as a promising use of Martian water deposits to make a safe, radiation-proof habitation. But water will be scarce and better used for sustaining the lives of the space settlers.

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How to make a car on Mars?

The electric car is totally sustainable! From a systemic vision of sustainability, the EV must comply with the 3 axes of the natural ecosystem. The social needs it solves, the environmental impact its production and use creates, and the economic benefit it generates.

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How to create a hospital on Mars?

Advantages of Glass Domes These can be used as a space habitat design for astronauts on the Moon and Mars. The weight of the glass domes is light and suitable for transport. These domes will be made of glass, which can withstand extreme temperature swings.

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How to give birth on Mars?

The early Mars settlement won't be a suitable environment for children.

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How to build a car repeir center?

If we want to construct a repair center first we have to put oxygen in the center, then we have to translade the machines to mars and then we have it

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How to create a bathroom on Mars?

Although the Martian toilet is similar to the ones we use on Earth, the Duravit research team included choices for rear-wash and lady-wash. The device made to function with less water, keep urine fertile, and treat wasteway water for later reuse