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01| What are global goals?

02| Life on Land

Unnderstand The World goal

Why is this a world goal?

  • Healthy environments are imparitive to sustain existence on earth
  • Provides food
  • Affects the entire world
What's life on land like?
  • Full of wildlife/abundance of trees and other forms of nature
  • Is home to billions of species including us humans
  • HOWEVER, life on land is not what it looks like



  • Constant renovation and construction can deter and harm any wildlife/ecosystem nearby
  • This dusruption upsets the circle of life and leads to the wildlife to be skittish or act out leading to unnecessary killing


  • Increasing rates of urbanization around the world will lead to a greater demand for use of fossil fuels
  • Air pollution will only get worse due to this


  • There are several negative effects due to excessive mining
  • Things like Deforestation, Erosion, contamination of soil integrity, contamination of water supply (rives, ponds, lakes), and excessive dust and emissions in environment


  • Litter itself destroys habitats all around the world and kills over ONE million animals a year
  • Litter cleanup also costs the U.S. alone about 11.5 billion dollars a year!


  • Agriculutre is actually the #1 leading cause of environmental damage in many countries around the world
  • Pesticides, Fertilizers, and other toxic farm chemicals are used in mass and poison fresh water, land/water ecosystems, the air and soil
  • Due to global warming, several probelms have risen like the melting of ice caps, loss in species, mass flooding, etc.
  • Scientists believe that if we as a human race continue at this current rate of greenhouse gas emission then more than a 1/3 of species and plants on earth will face extinction by 2050
Global Problem: Global Warming
National Problem:Devastation of Wildlife
  • Due to mass Industrialization around the world, contamination of water sources and land masses only increases as time goes on
  • These toxicities only impeded on wildlife by affecting their reproductive abilities, increases cancer rates, and limits the fresh food supply we could acquire
  • Pollutants are picked up by flowing water and deposisted into rivers, lakes, ponds, etc.
  • Decreases amount of fresh water available for drinking and leaves it unhabitable for life

Local Predicament:

Nonpoint Source Pollution (NSP)
Results from my survey

31% No

69% Yes

Are you aware of the current challenges facing life on Land?

This is a Global issue!Make a change.

03| What can YOU do?

Donate to an Organization
Verbal communication

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