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Rhetorical Ad Analysis


Purpose/Subject: The purpose of this ad is to promote the Hoka running shoes. The "Fly Human Fly" campaign was Hokas first advertisement campaign which was launched in 2022.

Audience: The audience for this ad are trail runners who are interested in running and want to invest in a nice pair of shoes. The ad appeals to people who are looking for a comfortable and lightweight pair of running shoes. This ad conveys the message with the images of people floating as they run in the sky, like they are flying.

Producers: The company behind this ad is HOKA a known brand who creates comfortable running attire for men and women. HOKA used this ad to fuel their growth as a brand and appeal to more athletes. HOKA was become a trending brand to many young adults through social media and how they have continued to market themselves as a brand.

Appeals: In this ad ethos is represented through the image presented. The ad is meant for people to envision the feeling of running on clouds and feeling like they're flying. The creator used soft toned colors in the background and introduced bright colors with the HOKA products. I think these appeals are effective and have brought a lot of positive attention to the brand and their products.

Visually this ad provides a lot for viewers to look at. They provide products the brand exclusively sells and an image of how they intend their shoes to feel. This ad speaks to both men and women and I think that is why they included both genders.

This ad has a variety of colored displayed throughout the image. There are a mix of muted, vibrant, and neon colors within the ad. The vibrant colors we see are all products that the brand is trying to sell through this ad. The muted background colors allow for the product colors to pop and attract the audience to their products.

These two runners in the image are both striking to me. It depicts to individuals running but it appears they are going through different terrains, despite them "flying". I am able to figure this out because of the way their arms and legs are positioned as they are moving. I think the creators used this to appeal to their audience the range of running their shoes can provide to consumers.

This ad is very well done considering it is the first advertisement campaign HOKA has used for their brand. The ad is very appealing to viewers, it is subtle while capturing the essence of athletes running in HOKA footwear. This strategy fits well for its purpose and audience it is targeted towards. Any individual who has interest in running would be inspired by this ad and encouraged to possibly try out a new shoe. Personally, when I first saw this ad in 2022 I purchased a pair of HOKAs and have been inspired to run.