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rayna liddell


where it all began

After joining the military at 19, I got stationed at Ft. Meade, Maryland. My boyfriend at the time lived back in our small hometown in southern Indiana. He convinced me that in order to continue our relationship, we should get married. We eloped in December of 2019 in Annapolis, Maryland. In the 3 years of being married, I never received a ring from him.



Join militaryGet married


Get divorcedAttend Bicolline for first time


Global pandemicStart silversmithingGet accepted into VCUarts


End military serviceBegin university


Senior in Craft school???

Started at 18 with metal clay. Went to a university Craft program, initially focuesed on ceramics, some glass, and lastly metals. Dabbled in metals until her senior year, when she switched her focus entirely. Started her Masters program while working 6 hour days at a local jewelry factory and running her own business.

goldsmith, Romania

Iulia Cristina

goldsmith, Norway

Josephine Ryan

Started at 17 with metal clay.Went to goldsmithing school, got her Journeymans certificate in 2013. That same year, she was chosen to represent her country in the Nordic Championship in goldsmithing, coming in 4th place. Worked as a bench jeweler for the headmaster of her goldsmithing school until her own business grew. Works with a local caster and fabricates much of her pieces.

For bigger, more involved, and/or custom projects, I'll start with very rudimentary sketches. Usually, I just go with intuition. What material(s)?Copper, brass, bronze, silver, goldWhat process will be most benefiting of my time and style?Fabrication or casting?Will there be stone settings? What kind?Bezel, prong, flush, bead, etc.How will it interact with the body? Size?Comfortability. Practicality.