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Chapter 3 Review Activities

Together in Class


Other Reviews

Vocab Review Games

Which is Which

BlooketTest Review

Self-PacedReview GameGimkit

Test Prep Materials

Early Tester

Where does it go REviews

Interactive Review Game

  • As a class we are going to complete either a nearpod/peardeck and then either Blooket, Kahoot, or Gimkit today!
  • If watching the recording please select another review option!
  • If you are here live, follow the instructions on the shared screen to get started!

Other Reviews

Click on the images to play a self-paced or solo review game.

Take time to review at your own pace!

Vocab Review Games

  • Need a little more vocabulary practice before your test. Pick a review game to suit your needs.

Which is it?

We learned about several Kingdoms and Pharaohs in this chapter. Let's practice identifying them. Click on the images to play a game.


Do you like playing Blooket? Want some review practices and earn some blookets. Try these out.

Review Game

Press on the icon below to play a gimkit. .

Need a Gimkit Review?

Love Gimkit and want to play another version?

Where does it go REviews

Need help with geography or social class click on the images to play a game.

Test Prep Materials

Want written practice for the test...

  • Ch 4 Study Guide
  • Ch 4 Main Ideas/Concepts
  • Legacy Review

Early Tester


  • I reviewed my notes.
  • I studied the Review PPT.
  • I played the review game.
  • I reviewed this genially.
  • I completed the study guide.

If you answered yes to all the statements above and you are ready to complete your test, please use this time to complete your test early!