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People = any person/s who has contact with or is impacted by the staff or experiences supported by our center • Experiences supported by our center are inclusive and equitable, promoting the personal and professional growth of others


Meaning = the thoughts, feelings, perceptions, sense of direction, and interconnectedness that emerge from the dynamic interaction between facilitators, learners, and the educational strategies experienced, after guided reflection

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With an awareness of:

  • the world we live in (socioeconomic, political, cultural, etc.)
  • the resources of our center
  • our authentic selves


Context = getting to know and considering the influence of the knowledge, experience, attributes, preferences, and needs (general and targeted) of the learners, facilitators, and staff at our center

  • Our center supports and secures resources for the implementation of people-centered simulation experiences


Experience = educational activities where people interact and collaborate in such a way that the whole person (mind, body, and spirit) is engaged and called to grow

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  • Gathered from individual assessments, program evaluations, research, and feedback
  • Outcomes include, but are not limited to, personal and professional growth of self and others, effectiveness of education, efficient use of time and resources, and moral actions


Impact = the effects of the experiences supported by our center on facilitators, participants (or care recipients), staff, and systems

  • Trust creates safe experiences that minimize risks and harm to those we serve


Trust = personal, profound, bonds among teams of people with shared values who honestly express reciprocal vulnerability while working together, with confidence that their colleagues will support them

So that each simulation experience:

  • has broad and measurable goals
  • is based on current available knowledge and evidence
  • has given attention to realism, roles, briefing, and debriefing


Purpose = the intentional design of experiences supported by our center