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final project for MSU EDX 3223


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Welcome to tier 3 intervention


the end


replacement skills




setting events

target behavior

Background information








Family has a history of depression and mental illness

He has a younger brother who is five months old

Parents are about to be split up


Family information

Background information

  • Diagnosed with medically with childhood onset bipolar disorder and psychologically with EBD
  • He also takes medication daily




  • Below two grade levels for math
  • Above a grade level in reading
  • Writes simple sentences however it is with lots of grammatical errors and little detail
  • Is in a new school

Interests = baseball, swimming, and baking

Tommy's information pt. 1

Background information

Consequences (at this time)

  • Scolding or initiating an office referral
  • Rewards for him if he does not engage in disruptive behavior


  • Does not like art, large crowds, or writing Highly verbal
  • Can be irritable
  • Typically more reserved
  • Behavior is increasing with verbal outbursts, pushing class materials onto the floor, erratic at home, brother can be a trigger (mother is afraid he will harm the baby and he has no interest in the baby) teachers typically have to deal with this for an hour per day

Tommy's information pt. 2


Background information

Tantrums include:

Throwing classroom property

Screaming profanity at students


Yelling that he will not complete his work

target behavior - tantrums

We know because it was evident when given a new task


Could be due to a lack of skill to complete the assignment

Function of behavior - Avoid/escape


  • Tommy's Little Brother
    • He is a shy kid and doesn't have any interest in his little brother as well as getting very agitaed at him
      • Solution - Allow Tommy to talk to the teacher about why his little brother agitates him
        • social stories
  • Tommy overhearing the martial problems between the parents
    • Solution - Get Tommy to talk to you about why the martial problems may be affecting him and let him know that everything will be okay

setting events pt. 1


  • Tommy's Severe Ear Problems
    • Solution - Have an emotion chart for the classroom that way he can use that to express his emotions in a more clear way
      • Use this for when he walks in the morning and throughout the day as needed
  • Tommy's Family History with Mental Illness
    • Solution - Talk about his emotions (emotion chart) and allow him to take breaks if needed
  • Tommy Missing School Due to Chronic Infections
    • Solution - Have one-on-one time with the teacher

setting events pt. 2

  • Visual Prompts
  • Time Delay

Introduce new tasks by having them do a familiar task first and slowly introduce the new task

Either have a card system (help, break, snack, etc) or some type of teacher queue

  • Give has options on what activity to do first
  • Task analysis


New Task

Teachers Attention



add to the consequence

  • Give personal space and dicuss behavior after Tommy has settled down
  • Give personal space to calm down
  • Give time for adjustment
  • Removal from class
  • Timeout
  • Changing the activity


the function is avoidance of math.

When Tommy has a physical tantrum...


replacement skills

breathing exercises

asking for help

Confidence/emotional check in/out

latency 5-minute timer

sticky note reminder with the breathing excersises

Start work or see the teacher if not regulated






Breathe out through your mouth

Repeat steps one through three for three more times

Hold your breath for three seconds

Breathe in through your nose

breathing excercises

  • All students will be given a light up button that will be placed on their desks
  • the light up buttons will be used when a student has a question or wants the teacher's assistance with something
  • The button will be demonstrated by the teacher to show how it works and explain to the class when the appropriate times to use the button
    • it can only be used during independent class time

by using light up buttons

Asking for help

This helps to gauge his confidence in the subject and point out specific areas he needs help in if his confidence does not improve

The self monitoring sheet tracks how Tommy feels before, during, and after the assignment

Before giving class work!!Make sure Tommy fills out a self monitoring sheet

confidence/emotional check-in/out

If Tommy does not start his work then he has to sit next to the teacher

This is how long it takes for him to start his work independently

Latency 5-minute timer

After giving instructions for classwork, set up a visual timer with five minutes on it.


  • Baseball stickers for immediate feedback to Tommy
    • If Tommy completes his weekly behavior goals, he will be given access to the playground to play baseball
  • Sit next to the teacher (helps with proximity)
  • Positive feedback (randomly and written on every turned in assignments)
  • Good Behavior Game


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