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PMS Integrations

PMS: Property Management System - resident and maintenance


VR: Vacation Rental - short term guest stays

All support:

  • Changes to check in / check out dates and times
  • Changes of status (cancellations)
  • Once the integration is completed (and a lock is mapped to the listing), guest codes will be automatically generated for guests from that day forward. Past reservations will have to be entered manually.*

Do not support user code creation through vacation rental software, maintenance requests, etc

  • Auto-generation of access codes for residents/tenants (access users) and vendors/technicians/inspectors (access guests)
  • Changes to leased unit data in the PMS for an access user are automatically updated in RemoteLock
  • Updates to Service Issues/Work Orders/Service Requests/Inspections are automatically updated in RemoteLock

All support:

*With some exceptions