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I love bringing my coffee down to the pond at Deeply Rooted Ranch near sunrise. This morning was both chilly and clear. I can see a bit of mist as the sun heats up the water's surface.

This morning the water was so still you could almost imagine the reflected trees were real. You still can't see the bottom. I wonder who is looking up at me...

I am not very good at aquatic plants. I'm wondering what this is that is growing across the water. Is it invasive? Native? Does is provide good habitat? Does it get eaten? Either way, it looks pretty floating there!

I can hear the highway off in the distance - sometimes just a thrum, sometimes I can actually hear the trucks gearing down.

Even though it's a still morning, I am definitely getting whiffs of the cows in the neighbor's field. I don't mind the smell; it reminds me of home and growing up in the Midwest...but I also know that well managed land and animals shouldn't stink like that!

Windy days are more common than still days a Deeply Rooted Ranch. It's nice to enjoy a view for once without having to push my hair out of my face! Ha ha!