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+What is this?

"I want extra credit!"

"I am having trouble reading music"

Catching Up in Music Theory!

Click on the statement below that best applies to you.

"I have a bunch of overdue assignments"

"I completed all my work but I am still failing"

"I am having trouble with Finale Notepad"

Completing Overdues

Unit 4

Unit 6

Unit 5

Unit 3

Unit 2

Unit 1

  • The larger the assignment, the quicker it will boost your grade if you score well on it!
  • Below are all of the biggest assignments in all 6 of our units
  • Click on a Unit to see the big assignments!

Retaking Assignments

You can boost your grade to passing by doing the following:

  1. Check your Music Theory gradebook to find the assignments you scored low on
  2. Ask your teacher to retry an assignment that you think you could have gotten a better grade on
  3. Use all your notes and resources to try the assignments again!
  4. If you need more help, book a meeting with your teacher below:

Booking Link

Finale Notepad 2012

Can't find Finale Notepad 2012 on your computer?Call Tech Support IMMEDIATELY: 844-590-2864

Booking Link

Need extra help using Finale?Copy and paste this link into your URL bar: https://www.myedio.com/learning/courses/101882/days/2438545/assessments/1197879/content/3/

Need extra Finale-related help?Click the button below:

Note Reading Practice

Name That Note

Treble Clef Notes (bottom to top)Line notes: Every Good Bird Does FlySpace notes: FACE

Click the button below for some more practice!

Bass Clef Notes (bottom to top)Line notes: Good Birds Do Fly... Always!Space notes: All Cows Eat Grass

Extra Credit: Choose One Only



Note: you should really complete all your overdue lessons before doing extra credit

  • Unit 4 Composition

Unit 4

This Genially is meant to be a one-stop shop on getting caught up in Mr. Honicker's Music Theory course. Select an option on the keyboard below that best matches your scenario, and then follow the instructions on that window! You can click on the home button on each window to come back to this page.

Still need more help? Set up a one-on-one Zoom session with your teacher!Bookings Link: https://outlook.office365.com/owa/calendar/MrHonicker@ccaeducate.me/bookings/

  • Unit 5 Composition

Unit 5

  • Advanced Rhythms Quiz
  • Scales Review & Quiz
  • Unit 3 Composition

Unit 3

  • Rhythm Fundamentals Quiz
  • Unit 2 Test

Unit 2

  • Composition 1

Unit 1

  1. This option is for if you already have experience playing an instrument or singing
  2. Create a recording of you playing or singing an original or cover song
  3. You can use the voice recorder app built into your computer
  4. Email the mp3 or mp4 file to thonicker@ccaeducate.me

Recording Extra Credit

  • Final Composition

Unit 6

  1. Create a free account for Soundtrap
  2. Check out the included tutorials
  3. Create a 30 second or longer groove using Soundtrap
  4. Use at least 4 different voices or tracks in your groove
  5. Email the link to your groove to thonicker@cceducate.me
Link to Soundtrap:

Soundtrap Extra Credit