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“For as long as the sun shines, the rivers flow and the grass grows.”

Because the climate is part of the land, it also has much to do with the culture. Climate ranges from tropical to desert like, due to Austraila's lateral size (It's comparable to the USA in this regard.) It is the driest inhabited continent on earth.

Austrailian Climate

- Various Aboriginal Leaders

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"Country is not just a beautiful place. To us, it is everything. It holds out stories, our religion, our customs, and our ancestors."

The land (aka. country) defines Aboriginal culture. This is because Aboriginal peoples believe their ancestral spirits emerged from the earth and the sky. These spirits are their hero-creators, and it’s through their journeys that they believe all living things are concieved. These forces of creation are always there, which is why there is a strong, resilient cultural connection between Aboriginal people and the land. (Australian Aboriginal Cultures - Tourism Australia, n.d.)

What is Aboriginal Culture like?

- Juan Walker, Walkabout Cultural Adventures

- Meats: Kangaroo, Various Reptiles, Various Birds - Plant matter: Wild Passionfruit, Wild oranges, Bush Tomatoes, Damper (type of bread)- Insects: Whitchetty Grub, Cicadias, Catterpillars

Their cuisine is known as Bush Tucker. For thousands of years, Aboriginals survived on “bush tucker” provided by the outback. They were hunter-gatherers, hunting wildlife to provide meat and gathering edible vegetation and insects for their daily meals. (Watarrka Foundation, n.d.)

What is Aboriginal Cuisine like?

"We say sorry today, tomorrow, and every day, as we honour and remember the strength and resilience of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. May the children of today lead us to a brighter tomorrow."

- They did not domesticate any animals, they were hunter-gatherers- 'National Sorry Day' is an Australian holiday dedicated to the Aborigines- They hunted with sharpened boomerangs- They had the most climate variety to adapt to(8 Interesting Facts About Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islanders | World Vision Australia, n.d.)

Interesting Tidbits

- Kevin Rudd, former prime minister

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"Keriba gesep agiakar dikwarda keriba mir. Ableglam keriba Mir pako Tonar nole atakemurkak."

Translation: "The land actually gave birth to our language. Language and culture are inseparable."

There are more then 250 languages indigenous to Austrailia, with more than 800 dialects between them. They originate from the lands, thus Aboriginal culture is inseperale from Aboriginal Language. (Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies, n.d.)

Aboriginal Language

- Bua Benjamin Mabo, Meriam linguist


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