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Teacher and Student Rights and Responsibilities

Principles For Professional Conduct

Teachers have the responsibility to not discriminate against students based on religion, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, political affiliation, marital status, or socio-economic background. These same responsibilities apply towards colleagues and other administrators

Principles for Professional Conduct

One must not commit fraud, misrepresentation, or withholding of pertinent information related to hiring, employment, or qualifications.

Principles For Professional Conduct

Education professionals shall self-report to the proper authorities of any arrest, infraction, or violation that breaks Florida School Codes, or State Board of Education Rules. In particular, arrest made pertaining to controlled substances, or child abuseDo you think that all interactions with law enforcement should be reported?

Educational Records Board Of Education must comply with requst to supply records in a timely manner. Parents have the right to request, in writting, to have records corrected if there are inconsistencies.

Student Medical RecordsStudent health records may only be released to necessary entities in emergency situations.

What could be an problem that could arrise from releasing a disabled student's information, even in an emergency?

FERPA and Student RecordsThe U.S. Military may request student records and can be provided access to these records.Parents also have the right to opt of releasing the info.

Notice of Rights for Disabled Students and Parents Parents have the right to access and examine their child's records and documents at any time.

Notice of Rights For Disabled Students and Parents Parents and students have the right to a hearing in a timely manner, with representation, if they wish to contest any district action. You also have right to appeal if you disagree with the lower courts decision.

Notice of Rights for Disabled Students and Parents A complaint can be filed with the District Coordinator or the Departments of Education's Office for Civil Rights at any time. What complaint could be seen as irrelevant but could actually make a huge difference for a disabled student?