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Cove Services


Cove offers more than just quality equipment; we offer more services to ensure that customers are protected in more ways than one.

Cove Major Services



Live Video SelfMonitoring

We provide equipment that deters burglars from ever robbing a house, provides the potential quick response times that the authorities may be able to catch burglars in the act, and can even save our customers' lives.

Fire Protection: We can't stop fires from happening, they're going to happen. But death and extensive fire damage can be prevented with the right equipment, which we are happy to provide. Flood Protection: Helps save money by preventing water leaks, floods and breakage.

It's hard to put a price on an individual's peace of mind, but with live footage provided by our cameras, our customers find a high level of peace in knowing and seeing that their home and loved ones are secure.


Rapid SOS is a platform used solely by Cove that sends a customer's information (Address, phone number, nature of emergency) directly to the dispatcher. Please review Rapid SOS Partnership for more details of what makes RapidSOS essential to the value Cove provides and promises to its customers.

Alarm Verification


Direct PhoneCall

Cove Connect App

Within the first 10 seconds of an alarm going off we send texts to the customer and any emergency contacts they have set up. These texts can be responded to with their safe word to cancel dispatch if they reply within 30 seconds.

If the text is not responded to COPS will make a call out directly to the customer's primary phone number. This takes place normally at about a minute after the alarm being triggered and unless requested otherwise, only calls the primary number on file.

The Cove Connect app integrates seamlessly with the rest of our system, using the same intuitive interface and advanced technology as our alarm panel.

In addition to our state-of-the-art equipment, Cove provides several services that go above and beyond what competitors like SimpliSafe can provide. Cove systems have 24/7 monitoring. Monitoring means to "maintain regular surveillance over" which we do through a third-party company called COPS.

How it Works

What happens in alarm event?

A sensor is triggered, which then sets off an alarm with the panel that contacts COPS to contact the customer and see if everything's alright. If the alarm is true, COPS contacts the customer's local dispatcher, and the police, fire department, or medical authorities are sent to the customer's monitored location depending on the sensor that triggered.