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The path to good health and well being




  • Find easy solutions for better nutrition
  • Find ways to help beginners begin exercise
  • Educate people about the help they can receive for substance abuse

Poor Nutrition

  • The major causes of the obesity epidemic
  • Fast Food diet and convenience
  • Diets high in sodium and bad fats
  • You can eat good tasting foods and still have a healthy diet
  • Swap out bad fats for unsaturated fat, Add spices and sauce blends to add flavor


  • A problem locally is the amount of gyms there are per person
  • Inform people about ways to exercise and where to start
  • Ex : Pickleball, A low to moderate intensity activity with a broad age range and social team play and coordination.

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Survey Interpretation

Survey Results

Trends to note The younger age demographic wanted to see more change in laws and infrastructure

Another intresting trend was people who are stricter with tobacco and people who don't come across smokers as much are more active.

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Advocacy Strategies

Solutions to FAQ

  • Most people want to know the basics and where to go from there.
  • The thing is most sources only give the macronutrients to follow and minutes need. This leaves people feeling unmotivated just seeing the stats and them not being applied


  • A solution for the exercise issue is participating in low to moderate activity sports that have access to a broad age group - EX - Pickleball
  • Another issue is diet. Good tasting food can still be healthy. Look into qualified cookbooks backed by nutritionists and chefs.


  • An example of a good recipe can be a salmon dish with cilantro rice and lemon zested broccoli.
  • This is a dish my mom often makes, it has lots of healthy fats, good macros, and is diverse in the recommended food groups

Results from my Edpuzzle


  • The goal of my edpuzzle was to get listeners to answers questions on what exercises and recipes where included as ways to improve your current situation.
  • This then would hopefully help the reader either engage in those activities or stem out and branch into similar ones.


  • On top of helping the reader understand that low to moderate intensity physical activity in a group setting is a good place to start.
  • I hope that after engaging in this activity the listener will first hand experience the mental health benefits of socializing during physical activity.

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