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By Drew McConnell

Zero Hunger

Understanding Zero Hunger

World hunger is the leading cause of death worldwide so it should be a huge priority to end
Im from Kentucky and I love to read my Bible, watch football, and play pickleball!

About me

  • Universal access to safe and nutritious food
  • Decrease poverty rates
  • End all forms of malnutrition

Taregts For Zero Hunger

  • Focus on sustainable diets firts
  • Eat earth grown fruits and veggies
  • Have a healthy balance of meats, grains, fruits and veggies

End All Forms Of Malnutrition

  • Cute down on inflation
  • Better educate children with better money skills
  • Ensure basic health care programs
  • Poverty is the leading cause for world hunger

Decrease Poverty Rates

  • Provide rescources for better food shelters
  • Achieve food security
  • Ensure more fair trade practices

Universal Access To Safe And Nutritious Food


Understanding Zero Hunger

  • Older generations were also more passionate about helping
  • Older generations were typically more aware of worldhunger

Survey Results

Practcal Steps To End Hunger

  • Hunger is the leading cause of death in the world
  • I used pathos to try to touch the hearts of viewers and show how sad hunger really is

Advocacy Strategies

  • Decrease poverty due to the fact it it is the leading cause to world hunger
  • Achieve food security
  • Improve nutrition
  • Better universal access to food/fair trade

Key Solutions To World Hunger

  • The reason for the ED puzzle is to make a PSA and a call to action and to show practical steps on how to end world hunger
  • Another reason was to make more people aware of worldhunger and to touch their hearts to prompt them to help

ED Puzzle