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In this interactive lesson you will see the timeline of planing out a curriculum

Curriculum Mapping

The process of addressing academic gaps though alignment with standards

Pacing Guide

Planned timeline of activities to ensure that standards are being met

Lesson Plannig

The activities in the curriculum that help reinforce content standards

Planning Out Curriculum

Knowledge Is Power!

this is the first step in building curriculum. This is typically seen as the "what" in the process, as in what will students be learning during this course. Taking a look at national, state and district standards, a roadmap is created on what should be taught to make sure that these criteria are adequately met. This map is usually used district wide to ensure that there is consistency throughout schools in standards being taught. This gives credibility to teachers when it comes to planning and implementing lessons in the classroom.

Curriculum Map

Once a map has been established, a pacing guide is put in place to make sure that lessons are being implemented in a timely manner. This can be done within a teaching PLC to make sure that all teachers are on the same page. When done properly, this guide can have built in time for reteaching content if necessary or applying extension opportunities as well. And at the very least, it promotes communication among the teachers to make sure there is coverage in gaps where academic weakness might be.

Pacing Guide

Lesson plans are the activities that teachers put in place to reinforce the content standards. This is the the "how" of the planning process. Lesson plans allow teachers to play to their strengths and add their own personal touch to education. Within the curriculum map and following the pacing guide, teacher can plan lessons that are adaptable to the dynamics of their classroom and make accomodaitons to material that helps all student have access to the material.

Lesson Plan